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Introduction to Kemps Ice Cream

All Caribbean Food Service is proud to feature Kemps as our premier supplier of ice cream products. We provide the entire Kemps product line to our clients and are their exclusive representative in the Caribbean and throughout Latin America.


Kemps is a premium quality brand with competitive pricing that enabled us to successfully transition several supermarkets in the Caribbean with results yielding significant increases in our client’s volume and profits.


Established in 1914, Kemps is a leading dairy manufacturer located in the upper Midwest of US with Headquarters in St. Paul. Kemps is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America and has a large creamery and milking division which allows it to make its own ice cream in-house from natural and organic milk supplied with locally sourced ingredients.


Kemps is the leading brand in the Minneapolis-St. Paul ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet markets, out selling major national brands such as Edy’s, a national brand owned by Nestlé … not an easy task for any regional food maker.


When considering what flavors to stock, keep in mind that Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. Kemps is also well known for their frozen yogurt as well as their novelties.


Aside from the flavor of frozen treats, price is the key factor in a consumer's decision on what to purchase, with that said, we are able to provide a quality product at an attractive price point.


Kemps offers a wide array of pack sizes in both retail and foodservice. We invite you to view a complete product listing at our web site, click here:-> Kemps Ice Cream

The following special promotional pricing is being offered by Kemps exclusively for all Caribbean Food Service clients.

Orders accepted now through March 31, 2014.  Earliest ship date is January 1, 2014

All Sales are FOB Miami and are Subject to Confirmation at the Time of Order

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