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211050 Beef Inside Top Round USDA Choice 3/24#
211051 Beef Inside Top Round USDA Select   3/24#
211051 Beef Inside Top Round USDA No Roll 3/24#

211054 Beef Gooseneck Bottom Round 3/30#

211055 Beef Bottom Round Flat 4/15#

211059 Beef Knuckle Peeled USDA No Roll 6/10#

211060 Beef Eye Round USDA Choice 12/5#
211061 Beef Eye Round USDA Select   12/5#

211058 Beef Round Bone In Steamship Choice 1/65#

Beef Round Inside
Beef Round Flat
Beef Round Eye
Beef Round Gooseneck
Beef Round Peeled Knuckle
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